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whoa, an open-source link sharing platform


…it’s provides an easy, quick and anonymous way to share information!

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open source information sharing rocks.

It's easy to use

  • Just one click/email to share a link with your friends.
  • Read the shared items with any RSS reader.
  • No need to search the share button.

provides a less cluttered web

  • You can block all like/+1/... buttons and still share.
  • No account required.

better privacy

  • We don't track you!
  • Check our source code to be sure!
  • Don't trust our server? Run your own!

Sound good? Let’s go!


Setup your namespace

Check your namespace

Everybody who knows the namespace can read and post to it. Want to keep it hidden? Create a random one!

Namespaces are not(!) case sensitive.

Browser addon

Install browser extension


How to use it / configuration

Please select a namespace.